Qigong is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Qi” (pronounced “chee”) means prana, breath, or Universal Life force. In a word qi means energy.  “Gong” means using or working with, i.e. Universal life force, simply, qigong means using vital life force to create a healthy mind and body. In China it has been known of for almost 7000 years.

Everything is energy and as Einstein showed, energy cannot be created nor destroyed…but energy can be transformed and put to use.

The ancient discipline of qi gong combines focused visualizations, breathing techniques, body movements and sounds to activate and cultivate our ‘qi’ as it flows through the invisible channels, the ‘meridians’, of the body.

Qigong affords you complete spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Numerous studies have shown that practicing qigong effectively prevents and heals many diseases. It is one of the most powerful self-healing practices ever developed by man. Through the regular practice of qigong one experiences the perfect balance for enjoying the rich, enduring, and vibrant lives we desire and deserve.

You can learn Spring Forest Qigong quickly, and immediately experience its many healing benefits.

Qigong is very simple and yet, very powerful. Learn to be your own healer today and share the many benefits with your loved ones!

“Well-being, like happiness, is a birthright. Not a privilege.”- G. Schoendorfer

George Schoendorfer is a certified Spring Forest Qigong instructor and Level 4 practitioner. He hosts classes and practice groups throughout South Florida.