Yogi Testimonials


I have been making my way to Prana Yoga every Friday evening with Jen R. for community yoga for the last few weeks. You give a donation and you do yoga with the coolest yoga instructors Miami has to offer. Friday's class is given by Richard. Who is Richard? Only the coolest, nicest and funnest yoga instructor I have ever met!??This place makes you feel at ease from the moment you step inside. The staff is soooooo nice. I always leave feeling like the world and everyone in it is so beautiful. You will want to visit, trust me! It's fun, and the session will kick your out of shape butt, except you won't realize it until the next day. The music keeps you going and you can even sing along to the music because it's totally encouraged. ??If you're not a yogi, don't worry, come to a class anyway. Richard will make you feel at ease and let you know it's okay if you can't do every pose. ??I am so happy with my experience here that I may sign-up for classes for the rest of the week!


I have been to yoga studios before but none like this. Prana Yoga is real yoga in every meaning of the word. Being in business for over 12 years, Prana Yoga is solid, pure yoga and their teachers truly know what their doing. ??From the moment you walk in, you feel relaxed and sense the energy of well-being. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking a place to reconnect to oneself while searching to gain the physical benefits associated with yogic practice to take a class at Prana Yoga and see for themselves. Truly there is no other yoga center anywhere like this


I love Prana Yoga!!! I've been taking classes at Prana for a year and can honestly say that my experience here has been nothing short of fantastic! I've taken classes with Anamargret, Christy, Dawn, Susie, Richard, Katrin, Chanti, and Debra and I love each of their individual approaches to yoga. This is a place where you are made to feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. It is quite evident that every single person who works here loves what he/she does.


Trying to find a yoga studio that works with your schedule? Your practice level? A place to take your teenager? or young child? Looking for a pre-natal yoga class? Instruction to guide you in breathing exercises and meditation? Or just a great massage? Well, your needs have been answered! Prana Yoga has it all, not to mention special workshops to further/deepen your practice and even yoga teacher trainings. The instructors are great and guide you through an amazing practice in one of their 4 studios. The recently expanded center offers plenty of space and a soothing ambiance that helps provide a relaxing practice. All for a reasonable price. ??I wouldn't go anywhere else!


Excellent value. Good variety of classes and teachers. Excellent management. I count them amongst my friends along life's journey.?And it just keeps getting better.?I first went to Prana in 2004 for a special class. ?It's WAY out of my way but it is so worth it.


Prana Yoga presents a great offering of yoga classes for everyone. I recommend this studio for their professionalism and dedication to the practice.


I finally found the perfect Yoga Studio. Tons of different classes daily to choose from. Super nice staff. Plenty of street parking. If you have been searching, search no more. You will find yourself here.

Tracey B

Yelp Review 6/15/15

I love Prana Yoga! I'm hooked on Susie's basic class. She is so sweet and wonderful! This class is great for true beginners, as well as experienced yogis who are looking for a slower-paced, highly instructional class. I also love Patrick. He is very friendly and fun. I highly recommend checking out this studio.