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We Have a New Home!
Our New Address is 2710 Ponce de Leon
in the Heart of Downtown Coral Gables.

Prana Yoga has been sanctuary in Miami for almost 25 years now. We are widely regarded as Miami’s most authentic yoga studio offering teachings from real living traditions/lineages. We offer classes In Person and Online with Miami’s most well loved, well respected and expertly trained teachers. No Experience Necessary!
We welcome brand new students as well as expereinced students looking to deepen their physical practice and their knowledge Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit, Mantras,Subtle Energetics,Yoga Anatomy and a strong Meditation Practice.

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Over 75 Classes per Week!

This place has been the only place that i have been able to feel balance when practicing. only place that i have been able to release and regain. i use to come here with my sister, which i really miss. not sure how much it has changed over the years, it was pretty low key back then, instructors were great!

I have always loved coming to Prana Yoga it has been a couple of years since I have been here, I called recently to inquire on TM classes in case they might have some here, even so they currently do not have these classes they offer several other classes and options to help get one truly started on deep meditation and I was completely floored by the customer service that Dona the owner gave to me. She gave me information from Prana over different options they have and she was so well informed over other yoga and meditation places in Miami and was more than giving to express which ones might have the kind of classes I was looking for. She had a beautiful and fun attitude and I felt so welcomed. I look forward to coming back now even more. And I guess it just makes me very happy when people go out of their way to share priceless knowledge simply for the well being of their clients or potential clients. Thank you Dona! God bless!

Having heard from many friends that yoga is great for the soul, i took a few classes at Prana and they were telling me the truth. Not only has it been a great experience but one of the teachers, especially, stood out. Ileana is not only a great teacher, but she helps you get the most out of the experience with a little humor at the same time. I highly recommend any of her classes.

I love this studio! Many different levels and types of classes to choose from. Yoga teachers with lots of experience. Love the decorations, especially in the main room. Also, offer massages. Hope, one of the teachers/masseuse is fantastic.

Hope was hands down one of the best masseuses I’ve ever had!. She removed all the sore knots I had and the pressure was perfect. I highly recommend her services and the location is amazing for yoga among other services. Don’t miss this little jewel right in the heart of Coral Gables for a stress-free getaway.

A sanctuary for all those who are on the yoga path or simply curious. Prana gives balance to a community where high end lifestyles meet provincial neighborhood charm. A fusion of families and friendly faces gather here for the devotion of the mind, body and soul. The recent makeover to the lobby and expanded practice room have added extra sq. footage for flexible minds and flexible spines!

This was our first yoga experience and it was very nice. Patrick was wonderful at guiding us through the poses. Great work and we plan on becoming members real soon.

Amaaaaziiiingggg!!! That’s all I have to say!!!

Loved my Class! Everyone is so welcoming and nice at the studio. The Basic class is easy but challenging. The teacher was super engaged in the class and was very helpful with anyone who was struggling to maintain the poses. Great environment, humble, down to earth yoga.

Loved every second of it!! Can’t wait to go back, and wish I started 20 years ago!!

Love this studio! I have never found a yoga class that I really enjoyed until today with Ileana. Wonderful class, extremely clean, inviting, and great energy! I’m excited to go again tomorrow!

Wonderful! … Excellent teachers, staff and environment!

If you are looking for a place to find your inner peace, feel relaxed and have a amazing yoga practice, this is the place you are looking for.

The studio is simple, beautifully decorated, and inspires calm during practice. The teacher noticed I was new and asked me if I liked the class. I appreciate those details! Definitely coming back.

Prana Yoga is the exact yoga studio I have been looking for to improve my practice. The ambiance is impeccable and Ana Yoga Instructor is well know in the community for providing yoga instruction at all levels. This is the OM in every one’s yoga practice.

Just amazing!!! Best yoga place in town. The atmosphere of this studio is so peaceful. Everyone has a smile around and is was exactly what I was looking for. Love it.

My experience at this location was better than I could have imagined. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. There is no pressure in class to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Both the staff and instructors were kind and helpful.

Super facility, excellent desk service. Great restorative class. The teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging. The experience was challenging and fun. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Fantastic experience. The location, facilities, staff, and oh the instructors are excellent. A great atmosphere. I am really enjoying my introduction to yoga. 3 classes and already feel the benefits. I’m very happy and plan on continuing to practice at Prana Yoga.

Absolutely love this place! Susie’s class is definitely my favorite. The staff and instructors are all wonderful, I highly recommend!